The New Goal of Quality Translation

 The need for high-quality translation

High-quality translation is in greater demand today than ever before. Europe is the region where the lack of fast, affordable quality translation hurts the most. Despite considerable progress in machine translation (MT), which has enabled many new applications for automatic translation, the quality barriers for outbound translations (i.e., translations to be published or distributed outside of an organisation) have not yet been overcome. As a result, the volume of translation today fall far short of what is needed for optimal business operations and legal requirements. European industry, administration, and society all urgently need progress in translation technologies to fulfill existing translation needs, to extend multilingual communication to additional languages and services (e.g. to conquer untapped markets), and to reduce costs associated with commitments to linguistic diversity.

QTLaunchPad was a European Commission-funded collaborative research initiative (2012-2014)  dedicated to preparing the grounds for a new type of systematic research and cooperation between MT developers and language industries for overcoming quality barriers in machine and human translation using language technologies. 

Information on the main resources created in QTLaunchPad, publications, and further material can be found in the Resources section of this page.

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