Learn about MQM and Translation Quality Evaluation

  1. For a comprehensive introduction to evaluation and metrics/models, the webinar Understanding and Implementing Effective Translation Quality Evaluation Techniques (available here or via GALA OnDemand) gives detailed information and advice. (Slides available here).
  2. The brief Translation Quality Assessment: Five Easy Steps provides an accessible overview of the Multidimensional Quality Metrics (MQM).
  3. Further detail on MQM and usage FAQs can be found in our full-length MQM webinar MQM Version 2 and Software Infrastructure (available here or via GALA OnDemand). (Slides available here.)
  4. Other face-to-face presentations on MQM have been made at our workshops and other international conferences and industry events. A workshop on MQM at Localization World in London, June 2013 provides a detailed overview of MQM [PDF] with additional papers presented on Current Trends in Machine Translation Quality Evaluation [Overview & Quality Estimation].

A full description of MQM, including a comprehensive list of all issue types, can be found via the MQM overview page. An exemplary scientific report on applying MQM for error annotation can be found in QTLaunchPad Deliverable 1.3.1, Barriers for High-Quality Machine Translation.

For more information implementing MQM in a research scenario, see the QTLaunchPad Supplemental Report Practical Guidelines for the Use of MQM in Scientific Research on Translation Quality [PDF].

Learn about Post-Editing

The webinar Effective Post-Editing in Human and Machine Translation Workflows, available here or via GALA OnDemand (requires registration) (slides available here) provide an overview of how to integrate post-editing into translation workflows

Learn about Quality Estimation

The following links provide more information about quality estimation and how this technique can be used in translation and evaluation:

To try out Quality Estimation for yourself:

Learn about finding and processing online language data

The webinar Discovering, Sharing and Processing Language Data: One Step Beyond provides information on how to leverage online language data to improve language technology. The webinar can be viewed online here.

Learn about the Translation and Localisation Industry

Here you can learn more about the translation and localisation industries from our thought-provoking surveys and Mapping the Industry series:

  • Mapping the Industry I: Findings on Translation Technologies and Quality Assessment [PDF]

You can read more about the industry in Europe from the EU's recent Language Industry Web Platform.

QTLaunchPad has also been working with industry representatives and consortia to identify areas where research collaborations would yield great success. Here you can find further details about the development of the project and the consortia. Through our workshops above we have also been developing these topics with new and existing partners - feedback from the workshops can be found here. These identified Research Application & Innovation Scenarios (RIAS) focus on the areas below as we continue to seek collaborative partners for future initiatives - contact info [at] to find out more.

You can find out more about the RIAS here.