Creating and annotating projects

Last updated: 2014 December 05

The MQM scorecard provides an easy-to-use environment for evaluating texts. Note that as of December 2014 the Scorecard is under active development after a total rewrite and not all features are implemented.

For access to the legacy version of the Scorecard and Metric Builder (no longer supported), please visit

Creating a project

NOTE: At present the user management functions of the Scorecard are not functional. As a result public access is disabled. If you are interested in testing the current development build of the Scorecard, please contact info [at]

To create a project in the Scorecard visit the editor.php page for your scorecard installation and add “id=” plus an unused ID number to the URL. For example, if your installation is running on localhost in the /scorecard directory, a valid URL would look like http://localhost/scorecard/editor.php?id=123.

Visiting a valid URL without an existing project wil open a screen like the following:

Click on the Project Info tab to open that pane.

From here you must upload both a tab-delimited bitext file and an XML metrics file. (More details on these files can be found here).

After both files have been uploaded, you will see a screen similar to the following:


Annotating texts

The upper portion of the screen contains the text to be evaluated and the bottom portion contains a set of buttons that are used to add issues to segments. The upper portion can be scrolled to reveal all segments. To activate a segment for annotation, double click on it. A red border will appear around it:

Adding issues

When a segment has been activated it is possible to add issues to it. To add an issue, move your mouse over the appropriate issue type. For example, in the following image, the issue type Addition with the weight Major is being selected on the Target side (note that Accuracy issues can be added only to the Target side while other issues can be added to either source or target segments):

Clicking on the appropriate button will add the issue as a tag, as shown:

Issues can be deleted by clicking on them.

Adding notes

To add a note to a segment, type it in the Notes pane. Note that you must click on Save Note before leaving the segment, or any changes to the Notes field will be lost.

Highlighting text

Text can be highlighted in source or target by clicking on the text highter button (the top button shown below):

When active, clicking within a source or target segment will add highlighting to it, as shown below:

Highlights can be removed from a segment by holding down the X key on the keyboard and clicking on them or by clicking on the remove all highlights button that appears below the text highlighter button. To turn off highlighting, click on the text highlighter button when it is enabled.