This document contains a brief installation documentation of Translate5.

NOTE: These instructions assume competence in Linux administration, PHP, and MySQL. Installation should not be attempted unless you are comfortable with all outlines procedures.

The translate5 installation package may be downloaded from Note that this package is current as of 2014 December 05, but a newer version may exist at the time this page is viewed. For more information on the current status of the code, please visit the translate5 homepage.

System Requirements

The following requirements must be met by the linux host system:


  • Unzip the Translate5 installation file, the contained folder “public” must be configured as Document Root in apache.
  • Unzip Horde_Text_Diff and copy the contents of the lib-folder to /library
  • Copy Arial.ttf to /application/Arial.ttf
  • Unzip the ExtJS Framework downloaded above to the directory public/js/ext
  • The following extracted folders must writable by apache:
    • data/cache
    • data/filesUploadedArchive
    • data/editorImportedTasks
    • data/tmp
    • public/modules/editor/images/imageTags
  • If any of the above directories does not exist, please create them as empty and writeable folder!
  • Create an own mysql database for your translate5 installation. The credentials are needed later.
  • Import the /installation/translate5-structure.sql and /installation/translate5-bootstrap.sql files to your newly created translate5 DB. 


Database and E-Mail From Configuration

Please edit the following file:


Replace the given dummy values with your Database credentials. Also set a valid e-mail adress.

Application Configuration

Currently the GUI for the configuration is not implemented. So application configuration has to be changed directly in the Database. A tool like phpMyAdmin can be used therefore for better usability.

Please look for the config values with the following names, and change the content if the DB field value to your needs:

  • Set this value to your hostname. It is used as internal reference.
  • runtimeOptions.companyName Set the value field of this config entry to your companies name, it is used in the frontend and in system emails. For the whole possibilities of an own skin see the file “skinning” in the docs directory.
  • All other configurations are set with the most usable default value.

First Login

Browse to your translate5 instance and login with the following credentials:

  • Username: manager
  • Password: manager

The password should be changed after first login.