Using translation specifications.

Last updated: 2014 December 09

Translation specifications files provide an easy way to include ASTM F2575:2014-compliant translation specifications with a Scorecard project. While not required to use the Scorecard, it is recommended that specifications be loaded to make it easier for evaluators to understand the expectations of the requester and the specifications that were negotiated between requester and provider. An example of a specifications file is provided on the data formats page.

To upload and use a translation specifications file, complete the following steps:

  1. After loading the scorecard for the project you are administering, click on the Project specifications tab:

  2. Then click on Add/update specifications:

  3. Select the specifications file to be uploaded and supply a name for the specifications (to be used in planned features that allow specifications to be reused more easily):

  4. The specifications will now be listed in an easy-to-read format. Clicking on a section divider will show all of the parameters and their values for that section:

  5. Any parameters for which a value has not been defined will appear with an ✘ next to them and the text “No value was specified for this item”:

Note that specifications are not editable within the Scorecard. To edit specifications, edit the source XML specifications file and repeat the process described above.