Reporting functions

Last updated: 2014 December 09

The MQM Scorecard generates a score for evaluated projects based on the number and severity of issues added to a project.

The current score for a project is always displayed at the top of the Scorecard viewer. A new project starts out displaying a score of 100%:

As issues are added to a proejct, the score will change to reflect them. In the following example a major Mistranslation and a critical Mistranslation have been added, reducing the overall score to 94.7% for the project.

The score is calculated based on the number and severity of issues and the word count of the project.

In addition to the score, a more detailed report is available by clicking on the Reports tab:

This report lists the total number of issues and their severity for each type in the project. It allows you to easily see what sorts of issues occur in the evaluated project.