Public Deliverables

This page lists all public deliverables of the QTLaunchPad project. Clicking on the title of any deliverable will lead to the deliverable’s page where the deliverable may be downloaded as a PDF.

Number Title (with link) Notes
Multidimensional Quality Metrics and MQM-annotated corpora
D1.1.1 Multidimensional Quality Metrics (Version 1) Incorporated into the Internationalization Tag Set 2.0 specification as the values for Localization Quality Issue type values
D1.1.2 Multidimensional Quality Metrics (Version 2)  
D1.2.1 TQ Error Corpus See Round 1 annotations in the MQM Annotated Corpora, version 2.0
D1.2.2 Error analysis in near miss translations  
D1.3.1 Barriers for HQMT See Round 2 annotations in the MQM Annotated Corpora, version 2.0
D1.4.1 TQ Test Suite See the MT Test Suite
Quality Estimation
D2.1.1 Quality Estimation Baseline Software  
D2.1.2 Quality Estimation Software Extensions  
D2.1.3 Quality Estimation for Dissemination  
D2.2.1 Quality Estimation for System Selection and Combination  
D2.2.2 Quality Estimation for Extending Good Translations (submitted version) This is the version submitted for review within the project.
Quality Estimation for Extending Good Translations (revised version) This is a revised version submitted after the end of the project.
Infrastructure and specifications
D3.2.1 Interface specification  
D3.3.1 Adapted tools for the QTLaunchPad infrastructure  
D3.4.2 MT-specific infrastructure  
D3.4.3 Documentation of infrastructure Documentation of the tools listed here.
D3.5.1 Automatic test set  
Data acquisition
D4.1.1 Inventory and documentation of existing monolingual and multilingual data  
D4.2.1 Monolingual corpus acquisition software  
D4.3.1 Multilingual corpus acquisition software  
D4.4.1 An inventory of existing language tools  
D4.5.1 Legal framework  
Training and Workshops (including Shared Task)
D5.2.1 Workshop and Shared Task Proceedings  
D6.6.1 QTLaunchPad Workshop on Quality Metrics for MT and HT  
D6.7.1 QTLaunchPad Workshop on RIAS  
D6.8.1 Workshop “MT RoadMap and MasterPlan” and Results Documentation of the preparation of a big Eurpoean quality translation initiative.
D6.9.1 Collection of Training Materials (Webinar, Video Tutorial, etc.)  
Public reports
D7.1.2 Public Annual Report  
D7.1.5 Public Annual Report