NOTE: (August 2015) This information is for an older version of the Scorecard. The current version can be found at Please consult the Readme file at that URL for more information.

This page provides links to information on using the MQM Scorecard tool. The following pages are available:

  • Creating and annotating projects. Describes the process of setting up a project and annotating it.
  • Data formats. Describes the data formats for Scorecard projects.
  • Using translation specifications. Expains how to upload translation specifications files into the Scorecard and use them.
  • Reporting functions. Describes the reporting functions of the Scorecard.
  • Installing the scorecard. Provides the installation procedure for the Scorecard’s current development build. (Note: No warranty is made for the suitability of the development build for any particular purpose. Users working with it do so at their own risk.)

The current source code of the Scorecard can be downloaded from