Last updated: 2014 December 05

These pages describe basic functionality of translate5, including the following:

  • Setting up a project in translate5. Describes the process of setting up a project. Includes information on the file format of projects.
  • User management. Covers selecting, adding, and deleting users, as well as assigning proper roles.
  • Logging in and annotating. Covers the process of logging in, opening a project, and annotating using MQM issues.
  • Exporting. How to export files and some practical guidance for manipulating translate5 CSV files.

In addition, basic installation instructions are provided for individuals interested in installing translate5 themselves. (Note that these instructions are not suitable for general users and require extensive knowledge of Linux servers, PHP, and MySQL.)

Note: The QTLaunchPad project has funded the following major features of translate5:

  • MQM annotation and reporting
  • Import of MQM metrics and export of MQM annotation
  • CSV import and export
  • multi-column annotation
  • user and role management
  • “ergonomic” annotation mode
  • numerous UI changes

In addition, many smaller changes were funded by the project.