EventLocationDatePartner Title
LocWorld 2016 Tokyo April 2016CUNIMT in Post Editing Environments
LocWorld 2016 DublinJune 2016DFKI New Frontiers in MT and the Value of Big Data
LT Innovate BrusselsJune 2016TildeEnabling Multilingual Communication for the EU Presidency
LocWorld 2016 Montreal Oct. 2016TildePersonalisation in Machine Translation
Translating European ForumBrusselsOct. 2016DFKIWorking with MQM-DQF
Tekom 2016 Stuttgart Nov. 2016DFKINeural Networks and Machine Translation
Tekom 2016 Stuttgart Nov. 2016DFKI + T&F Translation Quality Tests
AMTA Austin Nov. 2016TildeWhat Can We Learn from Post Editing
ASLING LondonNov. 2016FITPotential Impact of QT21
Meta ForumBrusselsNov 2017LinkSession6 : The Future of European Machine Translation Research
LREC PortorožMai 2016LinkQT21 Booth
LocWorld 34BarcelonaJune 2017LinkContinuous Delivery
LocWorld 35 SiliconValleyNov 2017LinkNormalizing Quality Management — Two Use Cases with DQF
Tekom 2017StuttgartOct 2017LinkFast Learning and Adaptive Machine
Tekom 2015StuttgartNov 2015LinkMachine Translation:going for the more complex languages in Europ
GALA 2015SevillaMai 2015LinkBridging the Chasm: Open-Source and Community Development for the Localization Industry and Research
GALA 2015SevillaMai 2015LinkTools and Resources for Quality Translation Production and Research
Meta Forum 2016LisboaJuly 2016LinkMultilingual Technologies: Research and Innovation for the Multilingual Digital Single Market