WP1: Syntactic and Semantic Translation Models for High-Quality Translation

NumberNameLead PartnerDue Date
at month
D1.1 Semantic Translation Models CUNI18
D1.2Semantic Translation Models
(final vn)
Semantics in Shallow Models UEDIN18
D1.4Semantics in Shallow Models
(final vn)
D1.5 Improved Learning for Machine Translation
D1.6Improved Learning for Machine Translation
(final vn)

WP2: Translation Models for Under-resourced and Morphologically Complex Languages

NumberNameLead PartnerDue Date
at month
D2.1Intermediate Report: Morphologically rich languagesKIT12
D2.2 Intermediate Report: Underresourced languagesKIT24
D2.3Final Report: Morphologically rich languagesKIT36
D2.4Final Report: Under-resourced languagesKIT36

WP3: Human-informed Evaluation and Continuous Learning

NumberNameLead PartnerDue Date
at month
D3.1Harmonised MetricDFKI6
D3.2Human-informed Continuous Learning: Report 1: Leveraging post-editing
D3.3Evaluation Metrics and Analysis of First Annotation RoundDFKI24
D3.4Data Collection: Resources and ToolsFBK32
D3.5Quality Estimation Metrics and Analysis of Second Annotation Round and Error ProfilesDFKI36
D3.6Human-informed Continuous Learning: Report 2: Leveraging postediting + Year 1 annotationsFBK24
D3.7Human-informed Continuous Learning: Report 3: Leveraging postediting + Year 2 annotationsFBK36

WP4: Quality Translation Shared Tasks

NumberNameLead PartnerDue Date
at month
D4.1Report on the First Quality Translation Shared TaskUEDIN12
D4.2Report on the Second Quality Translation Shared TaskUEDIN24
D4.3Report on the Third Quality Translation Shared TaskUEDIN26

WP5: Dissemination

NumberNameLead PartnerDue Date
at month
D5.1Communication Plan IDFKI3
D5.5Data Management PlanDFKI6

Data Management Plan UpdateDFKI18
D5.7Data Management Plan Update
(final vn)

WP6: Management

NumberNameLead PartnerDue Date
at month
D6.1Interim Progress Report M9DFKI9
D6.3Public Progress
Report (M1-18)
D6.6Public Progress
Report (M19-36)


NameShort descriptionOriginLink
bilingual_morph_normalizerMorphology normalizationLIMSILink
morphevalMorphology evaluationLIMSILink
QuESTQuality Estimation toolkit University SheffieldLink
PETPost Editing ToolkitUniversity SheffieldLink
JanePBSMTRWTH AachenLink
CharacTERMT Metric RWTH Aachen Link
BEERMT Metric University of AmsterdamLink
RwthlmNeural Network Language ModelRWTH AachenLink
UNRAVELA decipherment ToolkitRWTH AachenLink
Grounded MTmultimodal MTUniversity of AmsterdamLink
ClusterCatClustering DFKILink
Tokro Tokeniser for RomanianLIMSILink
RED, ENTF, DPMFMT metricsDublin College UniversityLink
NematusNeural Network Machine TranslationUniversity of EdinburghLink
APEOnline Automatic Post EditingFondation Bruno KesslerLink
translate5Post editing and annotation toolMittag-QILink
Neural MonkeyMultimodal MT, Neural MTCharles UniversityLink


NameShort descriptionOriginLink
PE&EAPost Edited and Error Annotated DataTilde/T&F/USFDLink